Air Conveyance Treatment Services
is your source for professional HVAC and duct system cleaning.

ACTS Offers Straightforward Residential Pricing

At Air Conveyance Treatment Services (ACTS), we want you to feel confident in our service, from the first contact and estimate, through our technicians working onsite, to the final invoice.

Your home is unique, and your HVAC system is as well. Our simple pricing helps our clients estimate the cost of a thorough cleaning upfront, with few surprises. You won't see our name on a coupon offering $99 to clean your whole house (with the fine print stating it's the minimum and the end result is a total far above that amount). If you know the number of systems and vents, you can estimate the cost.

The prices here include all our standard cleaning and equipment needed to accomplish the task for the St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas.  (If outside these areas, we may have an additional travel fee, but we can let you know that as well.)    Note, additional services besides cleaning can be estimated for you (like application of antimicrobials, encapsulation or sealing only as required.)


One system including up to 12 vents                    $ 545.00
Additional vents over 12                        $15.00
Two systems, including up to 12 vents**                    $ 675.00
Additional vents over 12                        $15.00
(**For multiple systems, the vent count is a total for all systems, so it could be 2 systems but a total of 12 vents for all.)
Dryer vent cleaning (performed with duct cleaning)                      $ 75.00
Dryer vent cleaning without duct cleaning (per duct)                   $ 225.00