Air Conveyance Treatment Services
is your source for professional HVAC and duct system cleaning.

You deserve professional duct cleaning service when it comes to the HVAC system and air ducts in your home.

Our Air Conveyance Treatment Services (ACTS) management staff and technicians possess more than three decades of experience, as well as certification from the National Air Duct Cleaning Association—the authority responsible for setting standards in the industry.  Don’t be misled with promises for duct cleaning at ultra-cheap prices that seem too good to be true, because they usually are.

Furnace cleaningHomeowners are bombarded by scare-tactic images of extremely enlarged dust mites and promises of huge air duct cleaning discounts, yet most of those services end up costing you more.  Why? Because once onsite, they add the rest of the required job, and they sell you additional services—whether needed or not--to raise your bottom line to a profitable level.  (link to dateline video?) Most of these discounted residential duct cleaning services only include a portion of your system, which cannot be effective by itself.  We clean your entire HVAC system, from the air returns and main trunk lines through the air handling unit, including furnace, coils and supply lines out to every register, including the grilles.

Our technicians are fully bonded and insured. We train them to take care of your home and with you – answering any question you may have throughout the duct cleaning process.  They will inspect the system before and after cleaning to ensure that all work is completed before leaving.  If any additional issues are discovered, our technicians will provide you with proof of the situation and discuss potential solutions.  We use the proper equipment to get the job done correctly, the first time.



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Our Residential Duct Cleaning Process

Technician Briefs Client and Sets Up
Before our technicians begin work in your home, they review the process with you, walking through your home and addressing any concerns you may have.
Our technicians require access with enough room to install our equipment near your furnace, air handling units and lines, as well as to the outdoor air conditioning unit. Our technicians protect your floors with drop cloths and then carefully bring in all cleaning and collection equipment needed.
Step 1
Removes Vent Covers
Technicians remove all supply and cold air return registers for cleaning.
They wash and sanitize these, normally cleaning the registers outdoors, weather permitting. They then set them aside until they finish cleaning[SD8] the rest of the system.
Step 2
Creates Access
Technicians must create 8-inch access holes in your supply main line and in your return main line near the air handling unit (furnace), to facilitate attachment of the vacuum hose.
They then recover these access holes using leak-proof patches once the duct cleaning is complete.
Step 3
Cleans Furnace and AC Coils
Our technicians open the air handling unit of your furnace and remove the furnace fan for cleaning.
They clean the entire compartment, sanitizing it as necessary and cleaning the fan and all its components before reinstalling them. They also vacuum and clean the air conditioning coils and drain pan with specialized coil cleaner to remove dust, film and other particulates. The technicians will protect the clean air handler and coils to prevent recontamination during the remaining cleaning. Note: Cleaning the coils can help lower your energy costs, as dirty coils can restrict airflow and cause your system to work harder. Both the coils and the coil drain pan can provide ideal breeding places for mold and bacteria as well. If you have a humidifier it must also be cleaned thoroughly for the same reasons.
Step 4
Cleans Duct System
Technicians cover vent openings as necessary to create the proper conditions for cleaning, and they will start our powerful HEPA-filtered vacuum equipment to begin the actual duct cleaning.
They insert a compressed air-powered cleaning tool to help agitate and move all the debris from the ends of the runs toward the vacuum hoses. Once they finish the ducts, they visually inspect the duct lines to be sure they are clean before proceeding. Next the technicians proceed to the basement where they repeat the same process on the main trunk lines. They drill 1-inch holes in various places along the main lines to facilitate access for our cleaning tools as needed. Once finished, the technicians then plug all access holes using plastic leak-proof plugs designed just for this purpose.
Step 5
Completes Job
After our technicians finish cleaning the entire duct system, furnace, coils and register covers, they install any required patches and plugs, reinstall the cleaned register covers, reassemble the furnace and test the system.
They remove equipment and hoses and vacuum around all the vent covers and walkways. Our goal is to leave your home cleaner than when we arrived.
Step 6
  • Technician Briefs Client and Sets Up Step 1
  • Removes Vent Covers Step 2
  • Creates Access Step 3
  • Cleans Furnace and AC Coils Step 4
  • Cleans Duct System Step 5
  • Completes Job Step 6