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ACTS staff publish blog articles here to assist residential and business clients and others in learning more about our industry.  Some of the most recent blogs are found below:

Got Mold? Who do You Call? Part 2

Last blog, we talked about why you should be concerned about mold, including some of the health effects some people suffer as a result of mold contamination in their homes or businesses. 

When you spot or smell mold growth inside your property, you might investigate it yourself and try to determine the extent of the problem. For most owners, that makes sense as a first response, especially if a very small area is affected. But you may also want someone with experience to inspect the area and help you determine the cause. It will do no good whatsoever to remove mold growth if the problem isn’t rectified. It’ll grow back. And that problem usually points to some sort of moisture problem, whether it’s caused from an overhead leak, from a plumbing issue, from condensation or from groundwater seepage.

restoration contractors can inspect damage
restoration contractors inspecting damage

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Why Worry about Mold? Isn’t it Everywhere? Part 1 of our Mold Series

Yes, mold spores are everywhere. So why do people get so worried when they find it in their homes or businesses? Consider mold like a weed. Weeds are just plants, but they become “weeds” when they grow where they aren’t desired. Even Queen Anne’s Lace is a weed when it takes root in your vegetable garden instead of along the roadside in the country. Mold is much the same.

Mold growth on wall
mold growth on wall

There are many types of mold that inhabit our environment, and they provide very beneficial functions, assisting Mother Nature as she decomposes materials to bring them back to the Earth. But if it appears on the structural wood inside your home, mold becomes more than a nuisance. It can cause problems.

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What is Biofilm? The slime that haunts some mechanical systems.

It’s NOT a documentary about Abe Lincoln…

A biofilm is any group of microorganisms in which cells stick to each other and can adhere to a surface. These cells are frequently embedded within a self-produced matrix. Biofilm extracellular polymeric substance, which is also referred to as a slime, is a conglomeration composed of extracellular DNA, proteins, and polysaccharides. Biofilms may form on non-living surfaces (not just living) and can be prevalent in industrial and hospital environments as well as in nature.

Formation of a biofilm begins when free-floating microorganisms attach to a surface.  If these first colonists are not immediately separated from the surface, they can anchor themselves more permanently using cell adhesion structures such as pili.  

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Clearing the Air: What an HVAC cleaner should really do in your home



Reprinted with permission: By Robert Rizen, ASCS, CVI & VSMR

Those statistics about indoor air pollution and its relationship to respiratory problems convinced you it was time to get your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) cleaned. You were even looking forward to the increased energy efficiency that a clean system can provide. But $49 and one very noisy service call later, you’re still sneezing and you haven’t seen any dip in your energy bill.

What happened?

“A very low service charge may indicate the service provider isn’t performing a thorough cleaning and maintenance of your home’s entire HVAC system,” said Matt Mongiello, past president of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. “He or she may have done nothing more than blow air through the ducts and clean off vent grills inside the home. A cleaning performed to NADCA standards – which are cited by the EPA as a best practice – encompasses much more than just the ductwork.”

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Price Differences for Air Duct Cleaning: Why the Disparity?

Consumers are bombarded by mailed packages with coupons that include duct cleaning specials, and when searching the internet for pricing, they come away more confused than ever about the true cost of duct cleaning. One page has advertisements for $49 specials, and another estimates the cost to be almost $1000. Even the consumer guide websites that refer homeowner to services will give wildly different quotes from three to five different providers. How can this be?

Duct cleaning is duct cleaning, right?  Wrong.

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